Workshop on GHG inventory and Emission Trading System (ETS) from experts from Kazakhstan

Start Date:  13.08.2024
End Date:  15.08.2024
Organizer:  RECATH
Location:  Ashgabat(TBC)
Contact Info:,

The upcoming workshop on GHG inventories and Emissions Trading Systems (ETS) will bring together experts from Central Asian countries and will be conducted with the participation of experts from Zhasyl Damu JSC, the leading organization in Kazakhstan in the field of inventories and ETS. This workshop is designed to provide participants with valuable knowledge and practical skills on inventory management and implementation of emissions trading systems. 

The workshop will cover key topics related to inventory management, including data collection, emission calculations and reporting requirements under international frameworks such as the UNFCCC. Participants will learn best practices for developing and maintaining accurate and transparent emission inventories needed to track progress towards climate goals and meet reporting obligations. 

In addition, experts from Zhasyl Damu will share their experience and expertise in developing and implementing emissions trading systems. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the principles of emissions trading, including allocation methods, compliance mechanisms and market dynamics. They will also learn about the benefits and challenges of implementing ETS and how such systems can contribute to achieving emission reduction targets.