Practical training on LEAP and GACMO

Start Date:  03.07.2024
End Date:  05.07.2024
Organizer:  RECATH
Location:  Dushanbe
Contact Info:,


Upcoming training on the LEAP (Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning System) and GACMO (Greenhouse Gas Abatement Cost Model) models - tools for climate experts involved in UNFCCC reporting. These models are widely recognized and used in the field of climate action because of their ability to assess and plan energy systems and estimate the costs associated with measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

LEAP is a software tool used to analyze energy and environmental policies, providing insight into energy use, emissions, and the mitigation impacts of various policies. It allows users to model future energy scenarios, analyze the effectiveness of different policies, and assess the environmental impacts of energy planning decisions.

Similarly, GACMO is a model used to estimate the costs of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By quantifying the economic impacts of various emissions reduction measures, GACMO helps policymakers and climate experts make informed decisions about the most cost-effective strategies for reducing emissions and meeting climate goals.

The knowledge gained during the training will benefit participants and provide them with the skills they need to effectively use LEAP and GACMO in their work. By mastering these models, participants will be better prepared to conduct comprehensive assessments of their countries' energy systems, identify emission reduction opportunities and develop robust climate strategies.