Summer academy (2 weeks) + Technical working group meeting

Start Date:  22.07.2024
End Date:  02.08.2024
Organizer:  RECATH
Location:  TBC
Contact Info:,

Organizer:  ReCATH, GHGMI
The summer academy, prepared by the ReCATH project and supported by the technical partners of the Greenhouse Gas Governance Institute (GHGMI), provides comprehensive training covering a wide range of topics in climate action and reporting. The intensive program will provide participants with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in adaptation reporting, greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory maintenance, scenario development, and policy impact assessment.

During the Summer Academy, participants will have the opportunity to delve into key topics covered in previous sessions, as well as explore new directions. Building on this foundation, participants will explore advanced topics such as ICAT's agricultural methodology, GHG scenario development and validation, and quantifying the impact of sectoral policies on GHG emissions using ICAT's toolkit.

The summer academy will include a combination of lectures, practical sessions, case studies and group discussions to provide a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Participants will learn from leading experts in the field and gain practical knowledge and real-world perspectives on climate action and reporting.